Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rabbit Hollow Prims

I find these primitive style dolls very interesting. I also like the website design with the clickable photos and two slideshows. Be sure to scroll down to see the busy little mice and the "Spring Dolls" featuring many strange rabbits, which play with shape and form as part of the folksy, vintage aesthetic. I have a feeling that close examination of the dolls would reveal really interesting surface treatments too. Many, included the pictured doll, are available as pre-order items.
Sue sells patterns via a linked site, Pattern Mart, that looks worth spending some time exploring also.


Huckleberry Arts said...

Rabbit Hollow Prims is one of my Favorite Prim Artist Her items are wonderful!!!!! Glad to see her featured!

Stella said...

Way to go, Susan. I love her.

PriviesAndPrims said...

Love the primitive dolls!
Congrats Susan!

Doreen (fellow ofg team member on etsy)

The Creator's Touch said...

way worth the look, sue is a friend an fellow group member! a delightful artisan!