Saturday, April 30, 2011

That was quick

Ashton Drake's Catherine Middleton porcelain bride doll. The tiara's not quite right, but the dress looks good. Also they do say "fully poseable."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mixed media to the max

I was browsing at the Recycled Art Dolls Flikr site and I found Lisa Rupp's repurposed and recycled dolls and dogs - Mixed Media Max. I love mixed media and found object art in general. I like the sheen many of these old wood pieces have, as well as the humor of the faces. You can buy her sculptures from her Etsy store.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rabbit Round Up

Here is a selection of offerings from Etsy.

A Little Catty, whose work is perennial in these roundups, has a sad faced cloth bunny gnome, Bambi Bunny, amongst others.

The Snippet presents Contemporary Folk Art dolls including Bunny and Ellie.

A ten inch tall polymer clay and cloth OOAK Bunny girl is by Xpression Dolls.

She's Built for Speed is a gourd doll by Mamagourds.

There are quite a few prim style Easter Bunnies, including one from Dumplinragamuffin and Baggaragg's Magnolia's Parasol. Piecakeprimitives has a Spring Easter Folk Art doll that is very sweet, and not a bunny.

Also prim style are the hand painted Bonnie Belle Bunny Rabbit by Mustardseed and Miller Campbell's Bunny Rabbit Easter Doll.

The yarn afficianados are not left out.

Lazy Muse's Amigurumi Bunny has a lot of personality.

Out of the Frame offers an Amigurumi Love Messenger bunny.

MariannW's Hand Knit Bunny Rabbit in a Cashmere Dress has a lovely old fashioned prim look, as does Cuteycritter's Barnaby Bunny handknit.

For a dose of cute, try Totally Timmy's adorable needle felted White Easter Rabbit, or Grimitive's Needle Felted Jelly Bean bunny, all dressed up in pink.

You can knit your own bunny from one of the patterns at Dawn Toussaint's shop, including the sweet lop eared Laurel.

Chubby Creepy Bunny Plush is a minature that comes from Estonian shop 5erg.

Nonesuchgarden has some beautiful sewn felt bunnies in sweet gelato colors that are adorable, including Clover.

For something on the odd side of whimsy...

Here's Fiona Art's Easter Butcher Bunny.

Loopy Boopy has a couple of big eyed bunnies including Roy the Rabbit Boy Strange.

Clothmoth has a whole troup of embroidered bunnies that are beautiful including Mommy Bunny.

Pictured is Sir Cedric Goodhead's Harelequin the Rabbit Jester.

Tickletoot's Wooden Art Doll Bunnies are too cute.

Happy Spring

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gargoyle contest

My Feenix is sponsoring an art contest to create the visuals of a fictional creature, which includes a 3D category.

They mention sculpture, paper mache or stuffed animal. The character is described in the fantasy adventure book, "Blood Trinity", out now.

There is one thing - they do say that if selected as a finalist, you send in your original piece but it will not be returned. So that is something to consider as a doll maker. The Grand Prize is $1000 plus other goods.