Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barbie disaster here!

Doll friends I need help!
We have a 1970's European issue Busy Hands Barbie Equestrienne and last night while checking to see how her head was attached, I accidentally popped the head right off. It attached with the little double ended plastic "mushroom" shaped thing - which came out of the neck.
Now her head just won't go back on and not wiggle and flop.
My daughter, who bought the doll with her own money at the Barbie convention here in LA a couple of years ago, is devastated and I'm persona non gratis.
Does anyone one know an expert Barbie doll doctor who could help me? I'm going to haunt some of the forums and see what I can learn too.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Here are some patriotic themed dolls on offer at Etsy.

People are making nice outfits for your American Girl dolls to wear to your celebration, including Betsy Style and Doll Closet.

Blythe will also be well dressed at your summer barbeque by Rozrank.

There are some nice prim dolls ready to celebrate, including 1897 House's Olde Liberty Anne.

Raggedy Ann collectors won't be disappointed. I like this one from Wandering Whimsies.

There are some teddy bears and other critters bedecked in old glory including a grungy prim bear from Harmon's Country Crafts and a Bear by Sandi.

I like the artistry in Cat and Fiddle Folk's Fire Kracken Kit Kat.

Usagi Rabbit, maker of crisply finished hand sewn plushies, has a Red, White and Blue Wool Rabbit.

The only thing in Hophopjingleboo's shop is a this Little Liberty Girl vintage redux. But she is rather nice. I hope to see more.

There is no shortage of scrumptious themed miniature food for your dolls to enjoy on their holiday. Sarah Maloney's Dollhouse Kitchen (pictured), Humming Bird Miniatures, and Crown Jewel Miniatures can all cater my doll's party anytime they like.

Finally, there are plenty of small animal offerings, but I just like this paper clay Cheshire(?) Americat on a star from The Snippets.


Here is a delightful, doll heavy Etsy treasure Weird Cute by Juliani. I found it on the front page (awesome!) A couple of familiar shops there too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Realism in Cloth

My friend Sandra sent me a link to this person's site. There are no words other than "thanks!". Go to Lisa Lichtenfels' site - you won't be sorry. You won't want to believe it - but these are cloth figures over batting, felt and wire armatures. Be sure to check out the Techniques tab. Look for some celebrity portraits in the galleries too.

Paper Doll Children

I've been making paper dolls, and it is great fun. Here's another site that has paper doll packages for sale, for play. At Lily and Thistle MiniMe you can have dolls made to resemble your kids. The clothing for them is really sweet and pretty. I especially like the line inspired by characters from literature. The prices seem very reasonable to me too.
Paper dolls are an old fashioned but still charming toy. Did you know that the genesis of Barbie came from Ruth Handler noticing how her young daughter and her friends loved playing with the fashions on their grown up character paper dolls?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Party Never Dies

Oh yeah. Adorable cute. Cool concept. Anime and Harajuku influence on the aesthetic. Monster High Dolls are set to come out in August, but my 10 yo daughter has already seen some at that big chain toy store and she is in love. Very poseable. Very cute litte accessories and pets. Fun mini-vids introduce the characters on the home site. If my daughter's reaction is anything to go by, Mattel has created something to replace My Scene dolls that will blow the memories of Bratz away on the breeze.
Is it just me, or are mass market commercial manufacturers appropriating more and more visual motifs and style elements from handmade indie crafts, including art doll makers? Yeah, it's not just me. It's something I've been watching increasingly for at least a year. (Another case in point - Littlest Pet Shop plush toys.) Although in fairness, it's not just toys. I'm seeing it in things like hang tags on mass produced garments, made to look as if they were hand stamped with rough edges.

Bargain Books

Interweave is holding their annual blow out sale of hurt books at bargain prices. These include many tomes of interest to doll makers including Ray Slater's "Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists", and a number of other technique and theory books.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One of the really cool things about UK felt and doll artist Anthropomorphica, is the number of work-in-progress shots on the blog. There are doll starts shown that are basically their wire armature and their head, yet they have a wonderful vitality. The words are poetic and the photography exemplary. These gorgeous jointed polymer or paper clay and mixed media dolls have an odd whimsy, like Bette Davis woken up suddenly and carrying the ghost of her dream into the daylight. Go look, then tell me if you don't see what I mean.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wild Art

I've been browsing around at text dense site Wild Art Dolls, where there are "fabulous and zany" pin dolls, fashion doll redux, paper doll info and Aisling's free patterns. But the big draw is the interviews with a bunch of doll and fiber artists. There are also some informative tutorials, and links to art doll books on Amazon. Pop goes my wish list.