Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cult of Doll Call for Entries

Griselda the Vampire Showgirl at Nightshade Dolls

Attention Doll Artists: here is the latest project from Yve Hooson and Grace Garton

They are looking for artists whose dolls "have a story to tell" for their proposed almanac series. Read all about on the new Cult of Doll Blog. This interests me a lot. Since the sad demise of ADO, I've felt the lack in the world of a strongly innovative art doll design focused group, and I definitely plan on joining their Etsy Team (if they will have me!)

From the Team page:
Cult of Doll has 3 membership requirements:
* All artists joining must undertake to create one original doll every 2 years which will feature in a bi-annual online publication which will promote all Cult of Doll members. That doll must debut in the "almanac" and not have been featured anywhere else before its publication.
* All members must use a team tag on all of their relevant Art Doll etsy listings
* All members must feature the Cult of Doll logo on their blog, facebook, etc... to help promote other team members work
Not too difficult at all.

By the way - do check out Yve's new doll shop - Nightshade Dolls and Grace Garton's Little Black Crow Studio.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nefer Kane's Circus

Nefer Kane Circus Dolls

OK you MUST go and visit Nefer Kane's site to see the extraordinary new line of resin ball jointed figures. These are not your typical BJD fashion dolls (although of course those are beautiful also). These are divergent dolls - creepy cute - very solid on their legs, and sublimely stylized. And then there are the different face ups.

You can see more and purchase at Oobie Dolls - another fine site to visit and browse.

Right - off to follow Nefer Kane on Facebook.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter

Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter

At last an awesome doll related Kickstarter that needs support! The project is for a new jointed character fashion doll, based on the comic character The Scary Godmother, that is a very cool doll from a very cool artist. I love the actual pitch too, because if you scroll down you will see the creative process of designing the prototype illustrated.

In addition to being an intriguing concept, and a creepy-cool character that so many of us love, this project is a way of supporting a female comic book artist. I don't know if you have noticed, but comics do seem to be a pretty testosterone dominated field. I suppose doll design might be the opposite.

The perks are terrific too. The perk of the actual doll starts at $50 - so very reasonable in comparison to say Fashion Royalty or many Barbie collectibles. And she comes with tiny wings and a ghostly cat.

Please visit this kickstarter!