Monday, August 19, 2013

Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter

Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter

At last an awesome doll related Kickstarter that needs support! The project is for a new jointed character fashion doll, based on the comic character The Scary Godmother, that is a very cool doll from a very cool artist. I love the actual pitch too, because if you scroll down you will see the creative process of designing the prototype illustrated.

In addition to being an intriguing concept, and a creepy-cool character that so many of us love, this project is a way of supporting a female comic book artist. I don't know if you have noticed, but comics do seem to be a pretty testosterone dominated field. I suppose doll design might be the opposite.

The perks are terrific too. The perk of the actual doll starts at $50 - so very reasonable in comparison to say Fashion Royalty or many Barbie collectibles. And she comes with tiny wings and a ghostly cat.

Please visit this kickstarter!


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