Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cult of Doll Call for Entries

Griselda the Vampire Showgirl at Nightshade Dolls

Attention Doll Artists: here is the latest project from Yve Hooson and Grace Garton

They are looking for artists whose dolls "have a story to tell" for their proposed almanac series. Read all about on the new Cult of Doll Blog. This interests me a lot. Since the sad demise of ADO, I've felt the lack in the world of a strongly innovative art doll design focused group, and I definitely plan on joining their Etsy Team (if they will have me!)

From the Team page:
Cult of Doll has 3 membership requirements:
* All artists joining must undertake to create one original doll every 2 years which will feature in a bi-annual online publication which will promote all Cult of Doll members. That doll must debut in the "almanac" and not have been featured anywhere else before its publication.
* All members must use a team tag on all of their relevant Art Doll etsy listings
* All members must feature the Cult of Doll logo on their blog, facebook, etc... to help promote other team members work
Not too difficult at all.

By the way - do check out Yve's new doll shop - Nightshade Dolls and Grace Garton's Little Black Crow Studio.

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Yve said...

Thanks for featuring us Robyn and nice to have you on board ;o)