Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crafts Marketing List

From Moiracoon's charming shop. I rather like it this close to Halloween, 
even though it has no particular reference to the content of the post.

It's not strictly dolls, but it is a fantastically useful resource. Moiracoon, mixed media and quirky jewelry designer (dare I say another steampunk adjacent aesthetic) has created an extensive list on her blog of online arts and crafts marketing resources. Who knew there were so many marketplaces? I've bookmarked the post for future reference. She also has two Etsy stores (this is one, you can find the other in her profile.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artistic classes

The new online classes at A for Artistic are really beautiful and full of techniques that can be applied to other projects.

Starting soon is Marlaine Verhelst's "Your Own Horse". This features a kit with the basic horse shapes and other important materials. Also upcoming in November, "Creating a Hardscape Costuming" with Marilyn Radzat (pictured), "The Gatherer" with Cindee Moyer, and "If the Shoe Fits" with Diane Keeler.

Where else can you find all these eminent people gathered under one virtual roof?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy dolls

Thanks go to Shari Harel, who has sent me notice of a series very special events coming up in November of intense interest to doll collectors.

Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions will be presenting for auction "Many Wonderful Things" 19th and early 20th Century dolls and automata on Saturday November 19, 2011, and  "To the Manor Born" 350 Madame Alexander dolls from Candy Spelling's spectacular collection  on Sunday November 20, 2011 at the historic Waldorf-Astoria in New York. These gorgeous MA dolls will be on display, open to the public, for 2 hours that morning from 9am-11am, after which the auction will commence.

Catalogs featuring the dolls from both auctions are available from the Theriault's website. (There are some nice links to informative sites there also.)

The press release description of Candy Spelling's well chosen and cared for collection makes me wish I had the wherewithal to participate:

"early portrait models such as Victorian Bride, red-haired Pink Champagne lady, Judy portrait, and Deborah Ballerina. There are Godey ladies and gentlemen, rare models from the Coronation series including Estrella, dolls from the Me and My Shadow series including Mary Louise, Victoria and Agatha. “Most of these dolls are so rare that they only appear on the market every ten years or so”, notes cataloguer Florence Theriault, adding “And to find them in such impeccable condition is just pure pleasure”.

The collection also includes four examples, Rachel, Joseph, Ruth and David, from the rare biblical series, a number of Wendy models inspired by Gone with the Wind including Aunt Pitty-Pat, Cousin Grace¸ Nana, Cousin Karen, and Aunt Agatha, and a baker’s dozen of rare dolls created exclusively for FAO Schwarz during the 1950s. There are plentiful and exquisite examples of the Alexander fashion icons, Cissy, Elise and Cissette, and legendary Alexander models costumed by the couturiers of the Ice Capades. The 8” Alexander child charmer, Wendy-kins, has been a special favorite of Candy Spelling, and rare and bountiful examples are offered including fashionable children, ballerinas, storybook princesses, brides, clowns, and dolls in historical fashions."

On Saturday November 19th, in the evening Candy Spelling herself will attend a Gala Reception, ready to sign copies of the catalog, to be held at Alexander Doll Company in New York - with the opportunity available to make more special purchases.
Please call 800-638-0422 or email to RSVP.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Debate at Dolls

"Arriving at the Grand" by Joan Greene
Winner Fashion Dolls $500 and under.

Here is an interesting article and subsequent discussion over at Dolls magazine, the current issue of which has just come out online. Stephanie Finnegan is asking about the fine line between definitions and words. Do you define yourself as a maker or an artist or something else? What is the difference between an Art Doll and a Sculptural Figure? Could be fun.

You can also see a video illustrating the Dolls Awards of Excellence 2011 and revealing some cool news about plans at Dolls for the future.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Here is the site of recent follower, Oksana of Koenig-Artdoll. The dolls that she makes, from polymer and paper clays, wood and all natural textiles, stuffed with sawdust and embellished with encrustations of beads, are so beautiful and delicate looking. Where many other European doll makers tend to the lean and pointed (also beautiful!), Oksana's sweet faced figures have round baby faces, with tiny features, reminiscent of antique dolls from Victorian times. But the clothes are far more aesthetically linked to Russian and European folk art and I want to say Rococo, than Victorian costume.

I notice that she credits past featured Anna Zueva as one of her teachers.

Just looking at beautifully made, gorgeous dolls never gets old at all.

Froud in New York

Ah, fortunate denizens of New York and environs, you have two opportunities in the near future to participate in one day workshops with Wendy Froud.

The days are Saturday, November 19th or 26th at the Animazing Gallery in Soho.

Animazing Gallery is hosting an Art of the Frouds exhibit from early December to mid-February. All of this is to celebrate the Froud's book. Also visit the Facebook page.

Monday, October 10, 2011

This is a very fun Etsy store

I've just discovered CurlyCueDesign - an etsy store that describes itself in part as "Steampunk Adjacent" - which I love. The collage style jointed paper doll puppets are really gorgeous and evocative. They come with small accessories, and you can get clothes for some.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Much ADO E-zine!

Click here for the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Much ADO E-zine from Art Dolls Only. I sit amazed to see that all this beauty is free.

A collaborative effort with gorgeous art work, tutorials and useful information, this is a must for any art doll enthusiast, maker or collector.

I have a brief article in it (about the mini monthly challenges) and there are pieces from some of the most familiar and hardworking doll artists around. There are even downloadable pattern pieces included.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Here is the blog of recent follower Summer Smith, Dreamspirations Gallery. I love the depth and clarity of her sculpts, especially what she can achieve with paper clay, and delicacy of her paint and chalk work. Scroll down past the fine crochet work for more sweet elves and other sculpts.

She also has an Etsy store.

Doll project on Kickstarter

I've found a few doll related projects on Kickstarter, and this ambitious one from Bezel Dolls, is current.

I'm posting it because it is doll related, even if it does have a bit of a "too good to be true" air about it. Let me explain. These folks intend to release licensed celebrity likeness dolls (aiming for extremely high resemblance) to the collector market, in both talking and non-talking versions, at what sound like rock bottom prices.

Now I love a good celebrity doll, and the company has a somewhat undefined relationship with incredible repaint artist Noel Cruz, who is "helping" with the designs. The photography on the project site is of his repaint/face ups of assorted fashion dolls that are amazing looking. These one of a kind dolls start at over $800 on Ebay, and the pictured Angelina BJD reportedly sold for $3,350.

In the light of these prices, using Noel Cruz's extraordinary dolls as illustrations feels a bit "bait and switch" in referring to dolls that will retail at under $40, if you know what I mean. The project is certainly a lesson in marketing and promotional buzz generation - google Bezel Dolls and see for yourself. Everything on line seems to be self generated.

However other than saying the Bezel dolls will be good likenesses and will wear clothing reminiscent of styles the celebs have worn, there is very little info about the proposed dolls themselves. I gather from looking at the shipping box size (for the rewards) that they will be 11.5 inch fashion dolls - but do they have joints? What kind of hair? How many will be made of each edition? I have to believe that at the price points they are not going to be hand painted, or very limited editions. But then again look what Jason Wu could achieve for amazingly low prices.

So I guess, since I am here to promote doll art and doll collecting, if you have $25 (+ shipping if outside of US) to spare for something sight unseen and brand new then maybe go for it. I honestly don't have any idea what the doll will look like when you receive it - but they say they are going for Nicki Minaj, so it should be colorful at any rate.