Saturday, October 1, 2011

Doll project on Kickstarter

I've found a few doll related projects on Kickstarter, and this ambitious one from Bezel Dolls, is current.

I'm posting it because it is doll related, even if it does have a bit of a "too good to be true" air about it. Let me explain. These folks intend to release licensed celebrity likeness dolls (aiming for extremely high resemblance) to the collector market, in both talking and non-talking versions, at what sound like rock bottom prices.

Now I love a good celebrity doll, and the company has a somewhat undefined relationship with incredible repaint artist Noel Cruz, who is "helping" with the designs. The photography on the project site is of his repaint/face ups of assorted fashion dolls that are amazing looking. These one of a kind dolls start at over $800 on Ebay, and the pictured Angelina BJD reportedly sold for $3,350.

In the light of these prices, using Noel Cruz's extraordinary dolls as illustrations feels a bit "bait and switch" in referring to dolls that will retail at under $40, if you know what I mean. The project is certainly a lesson in marketing and promotional buzz generation - google Bezel Dolls and see for yourself. Everything on line seems to be self generated.

However other than saying the Bezel dolls will be good likenesses and will wear clothing reminiscent of styles the celebs have worn, there is very little info about the proposed dolls themselves. I gather from looking at the shipping box size (for the rewards) that they will be 11.5 inch fashion dolls - but do they have joints? What kind of hair? How many will be made of each edition? I have to believe that at the price points they are not going to be hand painted, or very limited editions. But then again look what Jason Wu could achieve for amazingly low prices.

So I guess, since I am here to promote doll art and doll collecting, if you have $25 (+ shipping if outside of US) to spare for something sight unseen and brand new then maybe go for it. I honestly don't have any idea what the doll will look like when you receive it - but they say they are going for Nicki Minaj, so it should be colorful at any rate.

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