Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Portia Sperry was an entrepreneur and crafter during the Great Depression. She created a rag doll called "Abigail" as a teaching or activity doll with buttons and ribbons, which she employed local women in Brown County, Indiana to manufacture. The doll became so popular that she wrote a book called Abigail about a pioneer family. In this picture she is holding her second doll called "Nancy Hanks", and here is a sweet article and photo about one of them being donated to the Smithsonian after being a beloved plaything through generations.

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sarahsmitchell said...

My grandmother is Portia Sperry. My sister, Abigail and I have the trademark for the Abigail Doll and are having her made. She has been sold since 1932. We have many stories and history to go with her thanks to my grandmother's writings. We would love to hear from anyone if they have any stories to add.