Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Dunny Series from Kidrobot

Little vinyl figures, I guess an offshoot of Japanese Manga/Amime art, are a whole collectible art form in themselves. My husband loves them, and they are often witty, strangely disturbing, and adorably cute all at once. Ever since the Kidrobot store in Santa Monica closed, we have to schlepp all the way over to the store on Melrose.

Here's an event even further afield (at least from us) - Custom Toy Lab has posted about an upcoming toy launch at Magic Pony in Ontario, Canada on January 22nd.

The new toy line is Kidrobot's Ye Old English Dunny series.

There are a lot of visual artists and surface design makers working with blank figures as starting points. They can be painted, altered and embellished. Or beaded, like the mind boggling work of Etsy seller elJan, Jan Huling, beadist.

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