Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beaded Doll Contest

All Dolled Up is beaded art doll competition. This year's theme is "Earthen Mother" - there's a poem as the jumping off point. The deadline for entries is August 31st, 2009.
The site is worth checking out for the magnificent pictures from prior years, like this leaping doll called "Azure" by Ralonda Patterson.
I really must make this my last post for the day and get on with some actual doll work!

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Ralonda said...

Thanks so much for posting a pic of my sweet Azure. I have already sent my submission for Earthen Mother-- so keep your eyes peeled for her-- She is an amazing Willow and I am hopeful that she will make the semi-finals.I am sorry I had not found this post sooner. They were created to be enjoyed by many-- you have helped fulfill that purpose.Thanks again for posting her picture, each of my dolls have significant meaning to me.