Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you need to clean dolls...

Just in case you haven't heard of them...Twin Pines of Maine has a line of several gentle cleaning products for cleaning dolls, including vinyl, doll's clothing and doll's hair. I have a number of their products and they seem to work as advertised. The cold wash is also good for spot cleaning food stains from people clothes, and highly concentrated so only takes a drop or two for that purpose.

They also have a book about restoring and cleaning vintage dolls. I know there is some debate about the wisdom of cleaning antique dolls, and concerns about diminshing the value of such dolls through cleaning. However my personal use for the products has been for old but not super rare or special dolls that kind friends have given to my daughter for play and alteration purposes. For this the Twin Pines products have worked fine so far.

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