Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nancy Drew

Ah Nancy Drew, one of my daughter's favorite characters. Tonner has a Nancy Drew character doll - contemporary with lots of nice clothing and cool accessories. My daughter wants one although she is unsure if the hair is really titian blond as the books specify.

Madame Alexander created a small and briefly available line of 12 inch Nancy Drew dolls in 1965. They are very rare and valuable, dressed in the clothes of that time.

Nancy began her life as an 18 year old in 1930, the height of the Great Depression. It is interesting to see the changes in the cover art depicting her in different fashions as the different editions were published.

In 2009 she is a peripatetic modern girl in the Her Interactive PC games. And some very cool dolls appear in some of the games. In the most recent, The Haunting of Castle Molloy, a bunch of handmade portrait dolls are weird clues, one needing completion, and there is a doll house game that gives important tools. There are also antique dolls in the set decoration.

There is also a very cool puzzle that is central to Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, with part of the story being about a doll collector. In Legend of the Crystal Skull, the housekeeper has a voodoo doll in her room.

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