Thursday, February 26, 2009


Slumdog Millionaire won a slew of Oscars(tm) and other awards this last awards season. In honor of that both disturbing and uplifting film, here are some websites about Indian dolls.

At Dolls of India, you can find what they describe as "cute" cloth and wood dolls, in traditional costumes of both India and China (lots of these). I think they are cute actually.

Worth perusing is the Library link, which has a feature on doll making and an article about Madhuri Guin (which is easier to find by clicking here than there). She also customizes Barbies. (More on where I found this photo in my next post)

For a very wordy site, but still interesting information try here. There is a bulleted list if you scroll down, that turns out to be links to more pages, only without the usual underlining. As an aside, this site is a great example of how to make a hard to navigate website, a what-to-avoid if you will. I had to be really determined to peruse all the content. But if you were interested in some fine detail about regional traditional doll and toy crafting in India....

Might be easier just to get a book or two.

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