Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ball Jointed

Ball Jointed Dolls have the capacity to inspire the same kind of willful suspension of disbelief in their adoptive family as reborns. They like to be carried around to places and visit, wearing either very contemporary youth fashions or fantastical fantasy outfits. Highly poseable they lend themselves to dioramas and photographic stories.

ElfDoll Inc is a South Korean company that makes BJD's. Their Rainydolls are large in scale (58cm or close to 30 inches) and have beautiful face sculpts. However they also manufacture miniature BJD's and have teamed with a BJD and vinyl doll designer, Charles Stephan, to produce his Alice Cherry Blossom tiny "anthro" figure. Aw she's just such a cute little thing. Her nose is an upside down heart.

Charles' Creature Cabinet is based in the Netherlands. The website is very pretty and fun to visit with plenty of work in progress photos and stories. Also sooooo sweet are his limited edition Woodling Baby Fauns, micro (8cm or about 2 inches) ball jointed pixies. Charles Stephan is going to be First Guest of Honor at GoGaDoll, ABJD doll party and convention in San Francisco, June 19-21. Expect cosplay and magnificently costumed dolls.

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