Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy Valentines

In honor of Valentine's day, here is a selection of heart, love and valentine related dolls in Etsy stores....

Shelly Marioposa has a lovely felt Queen of Hearts.

Flirty Rose offered by Quirky Dolls is a diminutive 3 inches tall and can be a pendant or pin.

Naked Peggies has a Be My Valentine Kokeshi doll that is sweet.

Susie the Pink Polka Dot Sock Monkey by Elegant Hobbies would bring a smile.

Nutella97's flirty Liza Kelly Fairy is a slighty naughtier OOAK with wings and a skimpy bikini.

CutieFlair makes a cuddly cloth child's doll from her original pattern , with a beautiful hand painted face called Emma.

Wwoodbury makes pairs of Lambs and delightful clothing for them including some with hearts.

Not your usual pretty-pretty, but very interesting and cool, Loopyboopy has a polymer clay OOAK called Julia with the tag line "Be gentle with my heart."

Lucy Blaire presents a Red Naugahide Bunny, cute with an edge.

Charsdolls shows a Valentine face pin amongst her other dolls.

Ferragamo Studios makes felt, cloth and embroidery matryoshka shaped dolls including a saucy winking one name Laura. Well maybe not saucy, really just good humored. You be the judge - that's her in the picture.

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