Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hollywood Royalty

Jason Wu, of Integrity Toys, is in the process of launching a wonderful new line of Hollywood Royalty. His gorgeous Lana Turner is already available. I wanted to wait until the new website was up in Spring, but I also wanted to include him in my movie theme for the month. Ah to be so torn. I like the Josephine Baker doll, pictured, too. More to come...

Anyhoo, the Integrity Toy dolls whether collector's editions or play line are always of the most amazingly high quality. We have two of the Monsieur Z dolls, and five Dynamite Girls. How he can do the DG's - especially their clothes - at this quality for the price is completely beyond me. My daughter has made her Jett Dynamite a detective, like Nancy Drew only cooler, and she writes very amazing mystery solving scenarios with the dolls. We incorporate a SilkStone Ken when she needs a fellow.

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