Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spoonflower Contest

Not exactly dolls, but certainly tangential ...

Have you heard of the ongoing Spoonflower textile design contests? Spoonflower is a textile printing company where you can have your own textile design printed in any quantity, for $15.75 a yard.

The contests have a number of different themes, and currently one of the contests is for a "Crafty Cut and Sew" design that will fit on a fat quarter (21 x 18 inches). I'm thinking that pancake doll patterns are perfect for this contest. I plan on entering, and I hope you will consider it also - but be quick.

The deadline is August 7th!

By the way, have you filled out my Craft-It-Easy survey about crafty school projects yet? My new site is up and running, although I'm still working on my first couple of titles. I will be using the info I glean from my survey in product development and as I seek funding down the line.

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