Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pei Li Miniatures.

For some reason, I'm constantly finding the most gorgeous food miniatures. Here's the scrumptious site of Pei Li's miniatures. One reason I love the site is that the country prim/shabby chic aesthetic of the products, is beautifully reiterated by site design itself. It's a delight for the eyes.

As well as highly detailed 1:12 scale food items, the store also has dollhouse miniature decals, pictured! These remind me of the life size decals my mother got to put on my plain painted furniture when I was a little girl in the 1960's, with look of hand painted images.

My only issue, as usual, is the lack of a scale item in the photos, but in this case Pei Li includes detailed size information in the descriptions - in both inches and centimeters to cover all bases.

They also make miniature food jewelry that is cute.

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