Monday, July 23, 2012

NJD Miniatures deliciousness

I'm excited to have found, via Twitter, the comprehensive website of UK miniaturist, Vicky Guile of NJD MiniaturesShe makes sumptuous miniature food, and other things, from polymer clay - and also offers supplies and tools, like a cool bread loaf mold and texturizing powders. A big plus are the tips on her blog.

Also on the site are a list of useful links, and her free project page offering some useful tips for creating your own miniature foods, while her store and flickr page shows completed foodstuffs mostly in 1:12 scale. The only issue - and you know this is my particular peeve with hyper-realistic miniature photography - the very rare use of anything to show scale. As someone with limited experience in that scale miniature making, it's tough for me to visualize 1:12. The magnificently tiny pears shown with a coin, and carrots shown on a finger tip are the exception, and are mind blowing. 

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