Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sad, Bad Business

I have been asked by beautiful doll artist Yve Hooson of Freaky Little Things to pass on a warning about a serious, sad situation in the doll world.

Usually I am posting websites where you can see and purchase beautiful dolls or related products. However in this case the post is caution against dealing with a BJD distribution company called Dollfair which is unfortunately leaving a growing trail of dissatisfied customers and frustrated doll artists in its wake. Dollfair is trading under the several other names as well including Limwha, Enchantment Doll and Atelier Nouveau.

A blog has been set up to keep customers abreast of legal and other developments, and Anita Collins of Sleetwealth (who needs a feature here all her own!) has also elucidated her story from the point of view of a doll artist. More information and discussion forums can also be found at BJDCollectasy.

Sometimes even the best intentioned projects turn to sordid mush. It can be hard in the face of desire and illness and desperation to just admit defeat and stop. I worked on a movie project once that collapsed and no-one got paid, neither workers nor vendors. In the beginning it was all optimism and plans - but there was a point when those in charge should have pulled the plug and we would all have cut our losses.

So in the doll business as with any other, Caveat Emptor, and always read the online reviews of any company before sending them your money.


Yve said...

Thanks for alerting people Robyn, and the lovely compliment! :o)

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on this.