Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recent New Doll Publications

Sherry Goshon has just completed her book covering the basics of cloth doll making, including patterns - "So You Want to Make Cloth Dolls". 50 pages, spiral bound, on her Etsy store.

Pamela Hastings has produced her most recent "Hot Flash: A Celebration"  (pictured) available from her website. This joins her other doll making books and kits featured there.

Also the latest Winter edition of Adele Sciortino's Costuming and Trim newsletter is out. Honestly, are any of you not subscribers to this beautiful FREE publication by now? Really? Adele is part of a new online art teaching venue that looks rather special. A for Artisitic currently has a bunch of doll making classes, including a "Finishing the Doll" series zeroing in on specific skills, as well as a journal making class and accessories. There is a free doll wig tutorial there also.

Finally, not a doll publication per se, but I am being included in a new E-book by Instructables. My Wavy Edged Paper Beads - which I use as doll embellishments - are one of the featured projects in Jewelry Making edited by Scoochmaroo.

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