Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look Alike Doll contest

Via Twitter:
Join Paradise Galleries on Facebook and upload your photo to win a free doll, which winners select. You have only until January 10th to submit your photos that show which doll and you look alike. Then viewers will vote. The three with the most votes win.
Paradise Galleries is an online doll store featuring commercial collectible dolls. One of the newest fashion dolls that looks quite nice is royal fiancee, future princess Kate Middleton. This limited edition 17 inch portrait doll comes with a reproduction of the "the" ring. I hope she has better luck and a happier life with hers than the last bearer. It seems so - at least this happy couple is of the same generation and have known each other a while.
Here's a prediction - I bet Paradise Galleries will do a bride version when the time comes, since they already have the face mold.

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