Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twin Pines For Sale

Received today from Nicholas Hill at Twin Pines of Maine, a company whose products I use for my dolls and which I have featured here in the past:

You can own Twin Pines Of Maine.

All of the products offered by Twin Pines were made specifically for
dolls simply because there were no safe, effective, commercial products
available to do the job at hand. The need for each product was described
by my wife, Barbara, so she could manage her extensive collection
safely. I make all of the products. My name is Nicholas Hill. I am a
chemist. I am not a doll collector.

Over the years the demand for each product has grown significantly and,
at present, tens of thousands of collectors in virtually every country
of the world enjoy the quality, safety and effectiveness of Twin Pines
Products. There is no competition from any company anywhere in the

Sadly, a few years ago Barbara passed away. Since I am not a collector I
have decided to sell the Company. There is an announcement on the
www.TwinPines.com web site.

The sale will include all product formulations, production equipment,
raw material inventory, containers, customer list, domain name, complete
training and a very complete doll reference library.

Seller financing may be available for an appropriately qualified buyer.

The selling price is in the low six figures. Serious buyers only please
e-mail me at Nick@TwinPines.com .

Nicholas Hill

*I will add that I have used their cold water wash, the translucent green liquid, as an awesome spot cleaner and stain lifter on our regular clothes as well as for doll clothing. It does better on oily stains than pretty much anything else, and tiny drop goes a very long way. I have also reduced vintage Barbie ear greening with 911. Nothing gets that gone entirely, but I am happy with my results.

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