Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jayn and I visit the LA Volks store

Only open on the weekend, the Volks USA showroom in Torrance, CA, has been on our list of places to visit for a couple of years. Finally last Sunday, my daughter just said "Let's go!" and so we did.

The ground floor is full of "Who's That Girl" dolls and fashions as well as the little fashion doll size EB Beauty dolls. The fashions are cool adorable, with fine details and accessories. We have an EB Beauty, yet to have her face up, so it was also cool to collect some free brochures about painting doll faces.

Up the stairs is the real magic - the Super Dollfies and other ball jointed dolls in the Volks collection. A vista of dressed dolls, all the parts for the full choice customizable system, fashions and accessories as well as the full range of supplies for face ups and doll care greeted us. They have sewing supplies, patterns and itty bitty doll sized notions. And the shoes!

The staff couldn't have been kinder, especially Jane, who spent a lot of time answering my Jayn's questions, listening to her stories, getting out parts to show her close up, and helping her hold some of the dolls, which she found remarkably heavy.

We are saving up to buy our first full size Dollfie doll and outfit, and when we're ready we are definitely going to the Volks showroom for our purchase. Then we will sit her in the beautiful victorian style chair set up as a photo op (as shown above), and take her picture.

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