Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Thank you to all the followers, visitors and doll artists, collectors and fans who have made making this blog so gratifying for me over 2009. I've been pretty busy recently, as you can tell by the dearth of posts, but with the New Year I intend to post more often.

You can help by letting me know of any exhibitions, events or contests related to dolls and doll collecting that you hear of, as long as they have some kind of online presence. I'd love to help you promote your dolls in my small way.

Meanwhile here is a doll artist starting the New Year right, with beautiful dolls on Etsy.

I mentioned this artist before in a round up post, and now I'm coming back for more. A Little Catty makes whimsical, odd, dolls and figures, of fiber bodies with painted and sculpted paper clay and mixed media details. They all have a lot of character and really fun and interesting stories. Frankly I think her dolls are bargain priced for their size, level of detail, and the workmanship involved. But that may change if they take off - so get yours while you can.


Susie said...

thanks for sharing, this artist is just different. Love her work.

yvonne said...

These are wonderful dolls. Happy new year Robyn. You do a wonderful job here. I am always lurking! :)