Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Resource for Doll Makers

I have just received notice about the new Handmadeology Market. It is not a storefront, but it is a promotional opportunity to showcase your art works that are for sale at other online storefronts, like Etsy or Meylah, or directly from your own website.

From the email:
"The Handmadeology Market is not another selling venue, it is a live market place to show off your items.  Items added to the market are only live for 90 days, so the content it kept fresh! Sellers from across the web can list their items and link back to the items in their shops and websites. We welcome sellers from all sites and ones that have their own site.  There are no transactions happening here in the market.  Potential buyers can click through to your items and even contact you through the contact form.

Our new market is directly connected to Handmadeology and we will be utilizing our social media network and readership to get exposure for the sellers that list their items. "

I plan to put my dolls and paper crafts on the marketplace, and hope to see an uptick in traffic to my store. I'm not sure I'm very happy with the new "Browse" search paradigm on Etsy, which seems to favor jewelry and handbags, so anything that brings new eyes to my products is welcome. I plan to try the free version first, but closer to holidays, when I have some new pretty dolls, I may opt in to the $5 advertisement.

Has anyone listed yet? Have you noticed any increase in traffic?

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