Thursday, May 17, 2012

ProSculpt Winners Announced

Jack Johnston Originals has announced the winners of their most recent ProSculpt one of a kind art doll contest. All the entries and the winning group may be viewed at the website.

There are three categories, Beginners, Advanced and Professional. I'm not going to list all the awardees here, but I do encourage you to look, and to pin them. I'm in awe of the level of skill and work, not just in the sculpting but also the costuming. Some are all clay, others have fabric costumes. Even the so called "Beginners" are amazing. Pictured is "Mad Hatress" by second place Beginner, Jen Lewis.

I wouldn't have wanted to judge the pieces (and I might have put the placegetters in different orders).
What do you all think?

The next contest will begin in June and run until December.

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