Thursday, February 16, 2012

No more ADO

Art Dolls Only, home to some wonderful doll artists, is closing as a club. The sad news was announced by the co-founders a few days ago. The club was an invitation only group, and one's work was scrutinized before acceptance. I have to admit to being a bit dazed, as the club appeared to be thriving with monthly and quarterly challenges, a traveling doll project, an e-zine, and a seemingly vibrant web presence - website, Facebook and Ning. However it seems that the heavy workload of promotion and treasuries and posting reminders was falling on a small minority of members.

There will still be a new ADO Etsy Team for former members, and folks are working out some kind of Facebook page so that we may keep in touch. The tag ADO Team will still mean something - a reminder of glories past.


Yve said...

It is so sad but things couldn't continue the way they were. A lot of members just didn't seem to understand the concept of "team" and that everyone needs to work together - so all the admin, committee meetings and workload fell on a few very overworked shoulders. What that handful of people managed to create and sustain and let us all share in for those years was amazing though, so 3 cheers for the founder members and the organisers and let's hope they are having a well earned rest! ;o)

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Perhaps they will also find more time to devote to their doll making. I know mine suffers when I focus on other stuff.