Friday, February 24, 2012

DOTY Awards Announced

Heidi Plusczok - Lilli Frog Princess
Collectible Vinyl/Plastic doll over $150

Dolls magazine, hot on it's merge with Doll Reader magazine, has announced the industry choice Dolls of the Year Awards. The winners are noted on the website. The Public's Choice ballot for DOTY will be in the June issue, along with pictures of the industry winners.

As part of the merge, Dolls will no longer be awarding the Dolls Awards of Excellence as a separate awards.

Folks, Dolls Magazine will be presenting special issues of Haute Dolls quarterly, that is part of the regular subscription. I encourage all doll lovers to subscribe if at all possible.


Anonymous said...

Love this doll! Where else can I find some heidi plusczok dolls?

Robyn L. Coburn said...

You can find Heidi dolls at the retailers linked from her website,

I suspect this commenter is a bot, because there is no info in the profile, but it's still a good question.