Friday, January 6, 2012

Steve Jobs Action Figure controversy

As a likeness, this figure is amazing. As an interesting website, the in icons site is cool also. Lots of movement. But as a business move in the school of "better to ask forgiveness than permission"....that's a whole 'nother thing.

Apple is not pleased. But does Apple own Jobs' image or does his family? The comments are interesting.

Maybe just the licence them the figure already, and perhaps donate that money to some worthy cancer research charity. Is Apple going to get into the doll making business? Not likely. Maybe inicons should pay a hefty rude tax for not asking first - OK. Yet I'd like them market this doll. It's good work.

OTOH, as the relative (by marriage) of a celebrity, would I be happy to see a commercially produced portrait doll of my late father-in-law made and marketed without permission ? Well, I'd at least want it to be this gorgeous - but no. I'd want it to be licensed properly and above board. And maybe a US company...

We'll keep watch.

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