Monday, July 25, 2011

Upcoming Doll Classes in NM & NY

Marlaine Verhelst - Taking Care of the Chicken
Received from Ankie Daanen:


Hello, Dear Dollfriends.
I like to let you know news about upcoming dollclasses.
You might be interrested!!
Marlaine Verhelst and Ankie Daanen will come to Albuquerque, NM!!!
In a five day class Marlaine will teach hand sculpting into airdrying stone clay, based on human forms and proportions
and painting the piece with watercolor.
Ankie will teach inspiring lessons in clothing and finishing the doll in a personal way.
All students will go home with a finished piece!
DATES: Monday October 15th through Friday October 19th, 2012.
PLACE: Sandia Courtyard Hotel & Convention Center, Albuquerque, NM.
Roomrates are $59,- for two persons, incl. breakfast / excl. taxes.
The total fee for the five day class will be $ 875,-, payable in three terms.
Kit fee will be $25,-, payable the first class day.
For more info on this class you can get in touch with Ankie:
DATES: October 25 through October 29, 2011.
For more info on this classyou can get in touch with our host Barbi Kantor - Goldenberg:,
or with Ankie:
Ankie will teach a two day class : how to make a ´doll out of the box´.
You will learn how to sculpt a fantasy dollhead and hands from air-drying clay.
How to make a body, how to paint and finish the doll and how to decorate a box-on-wheels and finish the complete project.
DATES: November 1st through November 2nd, 2011.
For info on this class you can get in touch with Gwen Jackson:
Gwen has extra bedrooms for students.
NOTICE: Find out all about classes Marlaine and Ankie teach in August during the NIADA convention in Denver.
by Ankie Daanen


I've been to Albuquerque. The old town is pretty, there are nice Mexican food restaurants especially and there is lots of art to see in the region.

Please contact Ankie directly for more information. These are all wonderful opportunities to work with masters of the doll making arts.


Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

I have to say.. I got that ONE spot :) So excited!!!

Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

Oh my Robyn!! Thanks so much for the tips!! It does makes sense and I am always ruining the other features while working on new ones hehe

I am making another one tonight (it is sooo addicting) and will do as you advised. Ohh and I can't wait to try the acetone too!

I have had trouble with PC and was about to leave it for PaperClay but I have been reluctant.. there is something about PC that has me hooked :) Talk to you soon! and thanks again! xo,