Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gather at the Old Farmhouse with Junker Jane

Junker Jane's Monster on Etsy

I was explaining my slow progress on my Aesthetic Preferences Profile quiz on my MMM blog. I mention shabby chic/prim as a major style look. Here's the group blog of an Etsy team, Old Farmhouse Gathering, that make many beautiful prim and american folk style things for the home including beautiful dolls.

For anyone interested in running down a sweet rabbit hole the artisans button on that page takes you to a plethora of links to their blogs and shops. There delectable foodstuffs, traditional recipes, shaker furniture makers and of course dolls, like Prims Gone Wild, Angelbug Prims, and Night Owl Studios.

I think Junker Jane may be my current favorite, though. These go beyond the typical prim rag doll, to be prim rag monsters. Her work has an unmistakable look, lots of assymetry, lots of layering. Even though she appropriates elements of the prim aesthetic like aging, distressing and raggedy edges, you never think you are looking at an antique. They feel both aged and contemporary.

The Junker Jane website is also nicely organized. Her photography is exemplary.

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