Monday, February 8, 2010


There's been some enthusiasm about puppets recently. Here's some more for the topic.
Alexander Mergold is a Canadian puppet, doll and figure maker working in polymer and air dry clays whose marionettes, jointed dolls and standing figures are just wonderful.
His main style is naturalistic (I mean hyper real) portraiture and caricature. Many of his people are recognizable celebrities. His site is very cool and nicely organized -tons of pages to see. Be sure to check out the video of his puppets starring in a tv commercial - which incidentally gives an idea of the depth of the realism.
However if you visit his blog, you will find a whole other world of creatures and monster puppets and a lot of charming whimsy as well. Not to mention cool pics of wips and the underlying jointing. Here's his Etsy store.

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