Monday, September 16, 2013

IDEX has ended

Past Dolls Awards of Excellence

A few days ago I received the dreadful news that IDEX, the doll and teddy bear trade show, has been cancelled most likely forever. I immediately contacted Dolls Magazine to confirm that this was legitimate and not some hacker type prank. Unfortunately Joyce Greenholdt, the Editor was able to confirm for me that the news is true.

However the good news is that Dolls Magazine and Jones Publishing does intend to continue conducting the Annual Dolls Awards of Excellence.  The contest is two tiered with the Industry Choice awards going out, which then become the nominees for the Public's Choice ballot. This year's voting has ended but everyone interested in that preeminent contest for doll artists should pay close attention to the upcoming December issue of Dolls, when the winners will be announced along with next year's contest.

I don't know why the show has ended, but I do know that magazines only stay afloat if people buy them. If you are not a subscriber to Dolls, which is available digitally and newly for Nook tablets, maybe now would be a good time to become one.

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Yve said...

I heard about this the other day, the person who posted the news said that slow exhibitor uptake and low attendance were to blame. Shame, I never had the opportunity to go but loved seeing people's photos.