Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Bunny Etsy Round Up

There are some cute Easter themed dolls on Etsy, just in time.

There are some sweet prims around including:

Georgia Road Prims Mama and Baby

Stitchin Sew Prim also has an aged seeming Easter Rabbit Doll clutching a chick and a quilted egg.

This wide eyed bunny from Annaboo Creations is a brighter folk art style.

The Bagg Lady 76 has a primitive Rag Doll Bunny with really fun big feet.

Not to be outdone, there are also some weird and wonderful odd characters.

Pinky Toast has some big eyed painted cloth dolls that are cool.

Loopy Boopy has a miniature Art Doll Worry Bunny.

I like Art Work by Lori's painted cloth Spring Bunnies with their big sleepy eyes (pictured).

Citsch Coo has a couple of different painted cloth bunnies that appeal to me.

T Dozier Art has a humorous paper clay full sculpt called "After Easter Bunny" that is ready for a vacation after setting out all those eggs.

Not bunnies, but Odd Princess Dolls is having an Easter Sale - 10% off some truly gorgeous ribbon jointed paper clay dolls.

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