Sunday, August 14, 2011

Contest to win Supplies

This might seem a little odd for a doll post, but the products are wonderful. I'm on the ScraPerfect design team and of course I use the Best Glue Ever, Embellie Gellie, Perfect Crafting Pouch and Perfect Cleaning Cloth in my scrapbooking and paper crafting.
But they are also fantastically useful for doll making. The Best Glue Ever is great for fabrics, as well as putting beads or rhinestone embellishments on to surfaces. The Embellie Gellie is a tool that I use for lifting and placing small items, as well as  holding small items down while I alter them. The Perfect Crafting Pouch prepares all kinds of surfaces - including fabrics! - for clean and crisp stamping or printing, AND is a fantastic mold release for polymer clay in silicon and other molds. The Perfect Cleaning Cloth is anti static and removes Pouch residue and cleans your spectacles beautifully.

HOW TO WIN? Go to and post a response on the thread that says: 

WANT TO WIN A PRIZE??? Just tell us where you heard about this contest for ScraPerfect Products.  We'd also like to hear questions or comments about our Magically Perfect Craft Products...Where's you first heard about them? What do you love about them? How you use them most?....

THE PRIZE: The Best Glue Ever, Embellie Gellie, Perfect Crafting Pouch and 2 Perfect Cleaning Cloths. 

Contest Details: Contest ends November 15, 2011. Winner will be drawn at random form the Facebook posts. Paid shipping to the US, as well as Israel & Brazil where we have DT members. (If winner is from another country, they may choose to pay shipping or forfeit the package.)

There are also TWO online articles:

Cool Techniques & Tools for Papercrafting
Courtesy of ScraPerfect Products
Create a card and learn how to instantly dry pigment without heat, archieve inkjet printing on vellum, apply glitter to acetate with no static cling, and more!

How to Scrapbook Using Homemade Adhesive Dots
Courtesy of ScraPerfect ProductsNeed tiny adhesive dots ones for beads or micro-gems, long ones for fiber, or giant ones for making flowers? Read how to make them any size or shape, save oodles of money, and be "green". 

More info and ideas at the ScraPerfect blog.

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