Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cart full of Stuffies

Here are a pair of artists whose work I just really love. I first saw one of their dolls in an Etsy treasury, and followed back to their store, and then their blog (free stuff!- scroll down and look for the tutes on the right) and beautifully designed website.
I love the sweetness in the painted faces, the muted yet clear colors, the charming shapes, the wistful feeling in the expressions. They also have a fine finished quality - finesse, delicacy. So many superlatives, so little time.


Jo James said...

Such kind words! Thank you :)
And thanks for shining the spotlight on our wee beasties.

AnKo said...

Beautiful work Jo!

Jodi Cain said...

What a lovely doll... I have been a long time fan of Jo and Dylans work!

Ale said...

Jo&Dylan, I love your work and your site is great! The dolls you make are beautiful and magic... I specially like the "house head" doll. Congrats!!