Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Etsy round up

It's Easter and here is some of the delightful doll work being done by Etsy sellers. In no particular order:

Loopyboopy's just a little strange Rhonda the Rabbit Girl (pictured) shows her signature beautiful spooky eyes.

Sycamore Moon's felting is just gorgeous, as always.

The Gothic Bunnies at PinkyToast are just cool.

If a more prim style is your preference try Buttons In The Attic for Itzy Bitzy and others.

LittleBlackCrow's prim Autumn Bunny Boy is charming. Actually all her bunnies are charming.

TheCattsUglyBabies Primitive Folk Art Bunny is not in the least ugly.

Is micro-needle-felting a trend? EclecticGarden and TotallyTimmy seem to think so.

For something a little different, DollStop offers a selection of Kokeshi style sweetly painted bunny folk, like Rabbit Girl 1.

But enough sweetness. More goth. How about a Zombie bunny from Creepydolls?

More large eyed oddness from maker MissMillicent - Winnie Bunny.

FionaArt makes some very unusual bunnies including an Easter Butcher.

I could do this all day long, but I should leave you more to discover. I'll end with a dose of cute to bring a smile. Here is a pattern for a very, really very, sweet little bunny by VivianneGalli. Makes me want give it a little kissy.

Happy Easter everyone.

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