Friday, September 4, 2009

Strange Moons

Was the full moon tonight or last night? I don't know - it looked full tonight. Last few nights it's been orange all the way to setting because of the smoke in the air from the fires ringing Los Angeles. It's looked creepy. The fires are out and the moon is getting silver again.

But for a few days it was a very strange moon.

Strange Moon is the name of doll artist and painter, Stephanie Alice Rogers's website. Her dolls do have a somewhat creepy air, a bit mystical, a bit strange - but also very beautiful and distinctive.

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Yve said...

Oh, I love that doll, must check out here website!
A few years back I was driving north out of London and the moon was just appearing, it was glowing orange and absolutely HUGE! Something to do with atmospheric conditions but I could easily see how people worshipped the moon in far off times. Glad your firses are waning :o)