Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All About Mermaids

The latest edition of Canadian Adele Sciortino's incredible free newsletter (yes gratis - I've posted about this before) has come out and it is all about mermaids - amazingly detailed, luciously decorated, pensive, whimsical, saucy, cloth and mixed media mermaids. And there are a couple of patterns included. The pictured doll here is one of Ms. Sciortino's works.
By the way, accessing the site allows you to view all the archived newsletters in high quality beautiful color.
Oh and today is Canada Day.

Meanwhile this picture is a diorama about mermaids that my daughter made using her collection of Ello pieces. I'm rather sorry that this modular based construction/figure making toy seems to have disappeared. We use ours quite often, and luckily we bought a bunch of sets.

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