Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I visited the Barbara Peterson doll show, a room full of vendors selling primarily Barbie collectibles including valuable vintage dolls, current and recent collector editions, vintage clothes and accessories. There was also a smattering of gorgeous Fashion Royalty and Tonner dolls. I was excited to see an Ellowynne Wilde doll in the vinyl flesh, and happy to note that the Tonner "Twilight" dolls resemble the actors a lot more in person than they appear to in the photos I've seen. It was fun to look at the Barbie's and Dynamite Girls and realize just how many of them we already have at home.

I also met a vendor I have featured here before, Joe Blitman of Joe's List, and was intrigued by his offerings of beautiful vintage style doll fashions from a Canadian company, Dressmaker Details Couture by Masterstroke. They are prettily packaged with a nostalgic feel and are very detailed. Photos of the outfits on dolls of different sizes are on their blog.

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