Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Here are some Easter Bunnies I have recently noticed on Etsy.

Sweet Poppy Cat has added an Upcycled Recycled Sweater Bunny to her collection of plush cats.

Veruca Dolls Land's Chubby Pink Rabbit is entirely hand sewn.

The Porcelain Egg Shaped Bunny offered by Creation Cottage is adorable, plus they have some other bunnies and sweet spring offerings as well.

Golden Needle Creations has some miniature Lop Eared cashmere Bunnies in a basket.

Sara at Devout Dolls has a bunch of Bunny costumes for Blythe dolls that look very cute.

Cute is also the word to describe Kokeshi doll maker Beladonna's wood Easter Bunny.

Bear Creek Design offers a needle felted Bunny Rabbit, as does Kindred Spirits 12, although both are very different bunnies in character and look.

Finally Sillyboodilly has a sweet, stuffed and quilted Bebe the Bunny with hand embroidered eyes.

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