Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nicky Epstein - "Knits for Dolls" book review and giveaway!

I'm thrilled to have been sent a copy of eminent textile artist Nicky Epstein's new book for review. It's called "Knits for Dolls: 25 Fun, Fabulous Outfits for 18-inch Dolls", published by Sixth&Spring Books.

Now here's my full disclosure. I can't knit, only crochet and loom. So I can't speak to the clarity of the actual pattern instructions from experience. However given that Ms. Epstein is a star in the world of artistic knitwear, with numerous well received books to her credit and regular contributions to knitting magazines, I'm pretty sure that the patterns will give the desired results.

I love the outfits she has designed for the dolls. I personally love wearing knits and would probably like most of these garments if they were my size. The colors as pictured are luscious and vivid. Some of the garments are more formal and have sweet lacy textures. I particularly like the dress with the beading knitted in to the pattern.

Others are funky, hip or boho. There are textures, different stitches, twists and turns - I should think working your way through these lovely patterns would be a great course in fancy knitting techniques. There's even one sweater that resembles a nordic pattern.

Also included are many accessories - hats, purses, socks, shrugs - and some delightful ideas for making coordinating doll sized jewelry. Finally there are some recipes - for people food - treats for doll tea parties. Oh, and I nearly forgot - a vintage style knit bunny.

I really appreciate the styling of the photos, with the props both miniature and full size. They are fun, and exemplary for anyone who takes photos of their dolls as product photos.

I'm really looking forward to Nicky Epstein's "Crochet For Dolls" that a little birdy told me was coming soon.

The book is available from the Nicky Epstein website (through Barnes and Noble as an affiliate link I suspect so I encourage you to go that route.)

Now that I have this book that I can't use, I think I will run a contest. Any one who comments on this post - maybe tell me about your favorite knitted toy or doll - will be in the drawing to win my copy of this charming book. Let's say around two weeks - so comment before 4th of July to be in the drawing. 

Please tell your friends about the contest, and share on Facebook too!


AuntLou said...

Oh, what memories! My oldest cousin used the thinnest yarn to make us the sweetest clothes for our Barbies. I keep looking, but haven't found the patterns she used. What a beautiful addition to our child made wardrobes! I know that her kind generosity is part of the reason I like to knit for dolls.

Robyn Coburn Writer said...

Aunt Lou, if it helps Nicky Epstein has some Knitting for Barbie books on her website too. Thanks for commenting.

Deborah in IL said...

That looks like a very awesome book, Robyn. What fun!

Breeze said...

I'm a self-taught knitter who makes doll clothes for American Girl and Bitty Baby, Springfield Doll and Gotz Dolls. These are dolls owned by my 6 yr old grand-daughter, her sitter's 9 yr old daughter, and her 2 cousins (my former husband's grandchildren), ages 3 and 6. They love to receive the clothes I knit for their dolls (they are always given as "surprises") and I love to see their smiles and the joy it brings to them :)

Paradigm Spaces said...

Hi Robyn, I can imagine taking up some of these knits from the book...although I'm not sure what size my daughters dolls are - I love to knit her toys. My favorite one I made are nesting boxes. I could probably adapt some of these sizes to suit her dolls and also the accessories sound great! Thanks for offering up a contest :]

Robyn Coburn Writer said...

And the winner of the Giveaway - picked at random by James - is:

Deborah in Il!

I'm sending you a message!